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Broccoli & Boursin cheese soup

This creamy soup is always a bit hit at the Pie in the Sky community café and it’s a great way to use up leftover broccoli that isn’t at its freshest and needs eating. Broccoli is packed with vitamin C (more per gram than oranges!) and pairs well with rich foods like cheese. Give it a go!… Read more

Low-fat asparagus risotto

This tasty, low fat risotto recipe was created by our Pie in the Sky Community Cafe for a nutrition workshop all about fats, hosted for the Bromley by Bow community. Thanks to Georgina Earing, Nutrition student at Bournemouth University for kindly lending her expertise! Ingredients – 350g (Bunch) Asparagus – 1 Bunch of spring onions – 2… Read more

Raspberry, Dark Chocolate Chip and Banana Bread

We’re always on the lookout for more variations of Banana Bread, a FoodCycle classic for using up the many surplus bananas that we get each week! This one comes to us from Olivia Jones who made it using bananas leftover at FoodCycle Bristol.   Ingredients   3 mashed ripe bananas (used from FoodCycle Bristol) 250g white self-raising flour… Read more

Ben Tish: Spinach and Ricotta Gnocchi with Wild Mushrooms and Sage Butter

A big thanks for this delicious recipe goes to Ben Tish – FoodCycle Champion and Chef Director of the Salt Yard Group.  “These “gnocchi” are incredibly light and fluffy. The key to these is cooking them as soon as they are made in boiling salted water so they don’t stand around. We use sauté trompette de mort… Read more

Vegetable Fritters

This recipe comes courtesy of our Pie in the Sky Community Cafe who served these fritters with a lemony yoghurt sauce and chopped spring onions. They make an excellent breakfast dish and are so versatile – you can use almost any vegetables, so onion instead of leeks, peppers and tomatoes instead of carrot and courgette,… Read more

Greek Style ‘Gigantes’ Beans for Meals that Matter

This recipe comes from Helena, our Cafe and Catering Coordinator at FoodCycle’s Pie in the Sky Cafe in Bromley by Bow. Helena held a greek meze themed Meals that Matter event with lots of small dishes, and here is her favourite!   Ingredients -600g dried giant white beans (butterbeans, cannellini beans, other white beans will work)… Read more

The Power of Protein: 3 protein-rich recipes

These three tasty, protein-rich recipes were created by our Pie in the Sky Community Cafe for a nutrition workshop all about the power of protein. Thanks to Georgina Earing, Nutrition student at Bournemouth University for the recipes and expertise! Recipe 1: Quinoa Salad Serves 4 Ingredients 200g  uncooked quinoa 600ml water 60g sultanas 10 chopped… Read more

Spiced Runner Bean Chutney

We had a glut of surplus green and runner beans the other week and wanted to make something a bit different. This chutney has such a rich flavour and a great colour. We served it with spiced black bean burgers, on toasties with homemade hummus and on the side of pretty much everything! Enjoy! Spiced… Read more

FoodCycle’s Banana Butterscotch Cake

Bananas are a regular baking ingredient in our kitchen. On an average week at the Pie in the Sky Community Cafe we can get anywhere from 1-3 gluts of surplus bananas, all in varying conditions, and all our FoodCycle Hubs will get bananas each week from their local suppliers too. This cake works best with… Read more

Lime and Raspberry Victoria Sponge

This is a great recipe for the perfect victoria sponge cake – ideal for tea parties, birthdays or just because the sun is out! We make it about once a week at the café and it typically sells out within a few hours. Each element of this recipe can be adapted to individual tastes – you could… Read more

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