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So why would we spend our time cooking hot food and giving it away to people?

There are a few reasons. We’re all volunteers, and we all like to cook. We don’t like to see food wasted, and we know that supermarkets and shops have to throw away lots of edible food every day. We know there are people going hungry because they don’t have the money, time, or equipment to cook a proper meal for themselves.

So we thought – let’s get in the middle of that, take the edible food and cook for the community. Our costs are very low, our staff are all volunteers and we like seeing people enjoy our food. So if you’d like to come along on a Wednesday and eat with us, please do, it would be lovely to see you and there will always be pudding.


We’re always looking for new volunteers and we welcome everyone to our grub club – no matter what your level of kitchen expertise! To volunteer, click here to register as a volunteer. Once you’ve done this, you’ll just need to take our short food safety quiz and then you’ll be able to sign up and get stuck in!

We are in need of a back-up driver to help us collect our surplus food, if you have a car and would like to help out  for an hour or two a week please get in touch!

We are also looking for session leaders to help run things on a Wednesday evening, if you’re interested in either opportunity please email us on [email protected].

Become a Hub Leader!

We’re also on the lookout for new Hub Leaders to join the FoodCycle Bath team, helping to not only run our weekly cooking sessions but also taking the lead in managing all aspects of our FoodCycle Hub, from co-ordinating other volunteers, managing relationships with food donors, and community fundraising, to community engagement, marketing, PR and social media.

Visit our Hub Leader page to see vacancies.


If you fancy a lovely three-course meal and to meet people in your local community then come along to St Mary’s for dinner on Wednesday evenings at 7:30pm – everybody is welcome.


Many different people can be at risk from food poverty and social isolation. Our Hub provides a delicious and healthy meal in a friendly and safe environment. If you could help us to provide a meal for someone today, please donate just £3.


“It’s nice to come somewhere where you can calm yourself and bring your children to have a nice meal.”

“If you’re down on your money, you don’t have many friends, then it’s good. It’s good company with the volunteers in the kitchen.” 


Welcome to our Wednesday Grub Club! This is our main meal of the week, open to all and costing nothing. The idea is to serve three courses of hot, fresh food to the community so that everyone has a chance of a decent meal. Whoever you are, and for whatever reason you want to eat with us, you’re welcome. Our food is pretty good and there’s plenty of tea. What more could you want?

Donations come in many forms

Thanks to our suppliers, volunteers, and community partners, FoodCycle is a low-cost model with a big impact.

However we do have some core costs and are reliant on your generosity to help us run.