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You hate waste? We hate waste! You hate food poverty? We hate food poverty! And we both agree that it’s ridiculous for food waste and food poverty to exist within the same communities? We’re a match made in heaven – you’re a FoodCycler!

We work with over 1,200 volunteers across the UK  and, without their amazing work, FoodCycle simply wouldn’t be possible. So much of our success is down to our incredible volunteers and, best of all, you can join them!

Whether you’re a Masterchef winner in the making or a cooking novice, everyone is welcome to volunteer with FoodCycle. From collecting surplus food to chopping, serving, local outreach or fundraising, anyone can get involved and have fun whilst making a positive difference in the community!

Read our Volunteer Toolkit to find out everything about volunteering at FoodCycle!


Find your local FoodCycle Hub and sign up to volunteer!

Signing up to volunteer couldn’t be easier.

1. Simply take a look at our list of projects

2. Find your closest FoodCycle Hub

3. Register through our online portal

4. Take our food safety quiz

5. Add your name to the rota


“I like the vibrancy, fun and immediacy of volunteering at FoodCycle. We work as a small team and get a meal out every week, I get to speak to people we’re helping directly. I’ve always volunteered but now feel more confident that we can make changes that affect our community by pulling together.”

- Olivia, FoodCycle volunteer


“FoodCycle was one of the organizations that opened my mind to the food waste-food poverty problem and how the two issues can be solved in one. The experience of volunteering empowered me to act when I see something that needs changing. It gave me the impulse to stand up to the situation and see what I can do to change it.”

- Katie, FoodCycle volunteer who started a charity in Nicaragua called Comamos Juntos


If you’re an active volunteer please sign in at My FoodCycle.

Help us to make sure no good food is wasted. Donate your time, food or money. Thank you!