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Food poverty and loneliness are sadly affecting a lot of people across the UK right now. We work within lots of different communities and meet all kinds of people at our projects.


We’d like you to meet some of our guests…

“I come here because I was on the streets for about a month and a half, sleeping on park benches. The only way I can describe it is humiliating. Before this I had everything: a house, a car, a job, everything. Due to circumstances and being made redundant, I lost everything. I found myself on the streets. You feel worthless – the lowest of the low. Out of 10, I’d give it 11! A lot of people leave here with happy faces and full tummies. It’s really beneficial for people like me. They are basically guardian angels”.

Chris, FoodCycle Manchester


“It helps out financially but there’s also the social side. There are a lot of people who live on their own, and it’s nice to sit round a table, and have dinner, instead of sitting in all the time on your own with a TV dinner. The social thing, that’s what I’ve got out of it. There’s a lot of loyalty, once people get to know each other, like if you have a really crap week, there’s a lot of people with addictions in here, and housing problems and social problems, and if they talk about it over a table, it helps. It’s good to speak to someone new.”

 Shirley, 62, Bristol Hub

I lived in a tent when I first came here, it’s quite common really. Then I went to the night shelter and they moved me to a hostel, and then something went wrong so I had to go back out onto the streets again with my tent. Due to the fact that I’ve been homeless so often I have developed a drink problem. There’s a lot of homelessness here, a lot of people who are on the streets. Places like this help.  I think FoodCycle makes people more together – they’re not alone when they eat together.” 

Joe, 48, Cambridge Hub

Who are we serving?

Our target beneficiary groups are people at risk of food poverty and social isolation. We have identified the following groups as most likely to be at risk: older people, low-income families, those experiencing mental health difficulties, refugees and asylum seekers, those affected by homelessness and people struggling with long-term unemployment.

  • 23% of our guests are affected by homelessness
  • 25% are affected by mental health issues
  • 62% of our guests live alone
  • 68% of our guests are out of work
  • 72% of our guests have skipped a meal in the week before coming to us
  • 85% of our guests are struggling to afford basics, such as food and bills




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