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Thank you Tesco and Company Shop!


FoodCycle has received a generous donation of £32,000 from Tesco and Company Shop, the UK’s largest commercial redistributor of surplus food.

The donation will enable us to fund four of its Hubs for a year, providing 6,000 meals to those at risk from food poverty and stopping 8,000kg of good food from going to waste.

Our partners

FoodCycle has been working with both organisations for a number of years and this donation comes from Tesco and Company Shop’s charity fund, which forms part of a commercial agreement between the two organisations. Company Shop buys Tesco branded surplus food in order to redistribute it and prevent it from going to waste, then a percentage of the revenue raised by the onward sale of it is held for charitable purposes. Company Shop and Tesco decide together which good cause they would like the money to support, and FoodCycle is delighted to have been chosen on this occasion.

This support will help us to continue to support vulnerable and lonely people across the UK.



A big thank you

A huge thank you to Tesco and Company Shop for all their support.

Josh Hardie, Community and Corporate Responsibility Director from Tesco said: we are very pleased to be making this donation to FoodCycle to support the great work they do across the UK.  They take surplus food from retailers, including Tesco, and turn it into amazing meals that bring communities together. We’re also pleased to be supporting FoodCycle with food from two of our stores, through the FareShare FoodCloud initiative, and look forward to expanding this relationship in the coming months.”

Managing Director of Company Shop, Mark Game said:we put social and environmental considerations at the heart of everything we do at Company Shop.We are thrilled to be able to support FoodCycle – an organisation with a shared mission to get good food to those who need it most.”

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