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Banana Skin Curry

The ultimate anti-waste recipe? A banana skin curry!

The ultimate anti-waste recipe? It could well be! This quirky banana skin curry recipe was created by one of our amazing volunteers at FoodCycle Bristol, Shane Jordan. Don’t be put off by the banana skins – it’s truly delicious! Give this recipe a go and let us know how you got on!


1 whole leek

2 red onions

2 white onions

1 red pepper

1 green pepper

1 yellow pepper

5 mushrooms

1 banana skin.


(Julian Graves) Italian seasoning, (sesame seeds, sea salt, basil, parsley, oregano, garlic granules, thyme, black grounded pepper and sage), chives, parsley, turmeric, curry powder

Extra ingredients:

Agave syrup

Sea salt

Grounded black pepper


  1. Cut all the vegetables up as finely as possible and add into a bowl
  2. Season the vegetables in a bowl before frying them
  3. Add 3 tsp of each herb and spice and mix it around with a spoon
  4. Get a frying pan or wok and put some olive oil in it and fry the vegetables – make sure everything is soft especially the peppers
  5. Get a bowl and put the banana skins in there with hot water for 12 minutes. Make sure the banana skins are soft; test one by eating it to see if they are soft.
  6. Once cooked drain them, cut the black ends of the bananas off and cut the skins up in to little pieces
  7. Add them to the pan of mixed vegetables, add some sea salt, black pepper, and agave syrup and add 3 tbsp of each spice and herb again.
  8. Once everything is fried leave it to cook down more and then serve with rice flavoured with chives, parsley, sea salt and black pepper.

Voila – a banana-skin curry! Serve with rice.


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