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Wandsworth Hub (London)


Please note that our Wandsworth Hub is currently not cooking, while we work to find a new venue to partner with in the Tooting area.

We hope to be running again soon, but in the meantime, please check out our other London Hubs if you would like to get involved immediately.


We know there’s spare food, space and time in Tooting, as well a need to bring together our community, so FoodCycle seems like a no-brainer. FoodCycle HQ make the whole thing as easy as possible, and being part of a growing army of other FoodCycle Hubs feels like we’re part of a movement.

FoodCycle Wandsworth transforms spare food, space and time into weekly meals for vulnerable people in our community. If you can help then we’d appreciate it if you could support us however you can – perhaps telling a friend, tweeting about us, or making a small donation to cover our running costs.



Anyone is welcome to volunteer with us. If you’re interested in volunteering with us please register and take the food hygiene quiz before signing up to an event.




Donations come in many forms

Thanks to our suppliers, volunteers, and community partners, FoodCycle is a low-cost model with a big impact.

However we do have some core costs and are reliant on your generosity to help us run.