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Message from Mary: how Sainsbury’s helps FoodCycle


By Mary McGrath, FoodCycle CEO

FoodCycle has only ever received food from Sainsbury’s and Waitrose supermarkets. Sainsbury’s has supported us since inception in 2009 and are keen to match their stores with our Hubs. The company has listened to us too – understanding that our volunteers can’t come when stores close – anytime between 9pm and midnight. So instead they leave their surplus food aside for us to collect the following day and last year they provided the equivalent of 19,000 meals – wow. Our joint relationship ensures that together we turn surplus food into something very positive – combating social isolation and food poverty through nutritious three course meals shared in a warm and friendly environment.

We are in conversation with Tesco, Asda and Morrisons and we of course welcome discussions with all supermarkets. We hope one day they all follow the lead of Sainsbury’s and provide us with their surplus food from the back of store. The quicker they all sign up to this and support us – the quicker we’ll expand into communities that need our help.


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