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What is a Hub Leader?

FoodCycle’s Hub Leaders are the inspirational volunteers that keep our Hubs cooking.

If you’ve been to a FoodCycle Hub, you will have encountered at least one Hub Leader, running the kitchen and making sure that all volunteers and guests enjoy the meal and the company.

But being a FoodCycle Hub Leader is about much more than just running cooking sessions; our Hub Leaders are involved in managing all aspects of the project, from co-ordinating volunteers, managing relationships with food donors and community fundraising, to community engagement, marketing, PR and social media.

FoodCycle provides training for Hub Leaders in all of these areas at our annual Hub Leader conference, and supports each team throughout the year to develop these skills as they put them into practice at their Hubs.

From all age groups, backgrounds, and occupations, our Hub Leaders range from students to the retired and everything in between, all united by their passion to make something amazing happen in their community.


Hub Leader role descriptions

In the descriptions below, you’ll see that there are some common core responsibilities, with additional responsibilities depending on the role!



Hub Leader vacancies

FoodCycle Bath


FoodCycle Birmingham Yardley


FoodCycle Bloomsbury


FoodCycle Clacton-on-Sea


FoodCycle Exeter


FoodCycle Hackney


FoodCycle Islington


FoodCycle Leeds


FoodCycle Liverpool


FoodCycle Manchester


FoodCycle Marylebone


FoodCycle Norwich


FoodCycle Peterborough


FoodCycle Portsmouth


FoodCycle Sheffield St Barts


FoodCycle Sheffield Sharrow


FoodCycle Sheffield Lowedges


How to apply

Fill out the Hub Leader application form and sent it to us on [email protected].


Remember that if you don’t have enough time to dedicate to a long-term volunteering position you can always sign up to volunteer with FoodCycle on a more flexible basis!


Help us to make sure no good food is wasted. Donate your time, food or money. Thank you!