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food cycle team

FoodCycle is powered by groups of amazing volunteers all over the country. We also have a dedicated staff team in London supporting our Hubs and managing our office. Get in touch and say hello!

MaryMary McGrath, Chief Executive

Mary began her career in the food industry developing biscuits but eventually tired of eating them and went off to head up Grocery Aid – a food redistribution charity. Following the arrival of two children Mary dedicated herself to them and fundraising. Most recently, Mary was with FareShare – developing retail relationships and back of store trials at supermarkets. “I wanted to work first hand with those who need our help. So I am incredibly excited to be at FoodCycle. We have a bright future ahead of us. Unfortunately our work is required more than ever.



Sophie Tebbetts, Head of Programmes

As Head of Programmes at FoodCycle, Sophie brings her two passions: helping people and great food. Sophie has worked for a variety of organisations across the charity sector, from managing large teams of volunteers at British Red Cross to supporting research projects for the International Organisation for Migration in Jordan. Most recently she ran operations for a small start-up food company called Salad Days based in East London, where she lead the growth of the company, working with companies such as Nike and Uber.



Anna Sheinman, Head of Development

Anna is a professional fundraiser who has worked at charities of all sizes, including WaterAid and World Jewish Relief, as well as a long-standing keen bean FoodCycle volunteer, leading the LSE Hub for three years. In December 2016 she found a way to combine her love of fundraising and FoodCycle by joining the team at head office. Her favourite food waste tip is freezing everything and then making Anna’s Freezer Soup.


Robyn Stone, Hub Programme Manager

Robyn joined FoodCycle to support our Hubs Team in August 2013. She manages our Hubs in Clacton, Liverpool, Norwich, Cambridge, Leeds and Bloomsbury, as well as leading on our From Farm to Fork campaign with Feedback. Her most loved things in life are art, travelling, food (particularly aubergines) and calling the FoodCycle lunchtime!



Sarah Servante, Partnerships Manager

Sarah started working for FoodCycle after Hub Leading at the FoodCycle Wandsworth Hub. After completing her degree in languages, her early career included retail, employee training and employability programmes before she left that behind to explore her life-long love of food in 2011. As our resident qualified chef and food safety pro, Sarah has cooked her way around the World Cup, survived solely on the contents of her freezer and tried her hand at making her own cheese, all just for fun. Sarah runs FoodCycle projects in Portsmouth, Birmingham and Sheffield.

rsz_img_8414 Jack Fargher, Senior Partnerships & Operations Officer

Jack supports our partnered hubs in Peterborough, Hackney, Lewisham, Marylebone and Peckham as well as helping us to mine through all our very important data. Joining the team in March 2016, he previously worked at Plan Zheroes as well as working in the artisan bakery world for some time – saying he’s partial to a sourdough loaf is an understatement!  He’s also keen researcher and reader of absolutely anything to do with food, culture and history – especially the Levant!



Farrah Mian, Finance Manager

Farrah joined the FoodCycle team in August 2014 as our Finance Manager.  She is a mum of two girls, is studying for her ACCA and makes the best dahl in the world!





Clare Skelton, Marketing & Communications Manager

Clare joined FoodCycle in August 2015 from Caritas Social Action Network, a UK poverty charity. She started as a freelance copywriter and has been lucky enough to work in Kenya, Tanzania and South Sudan. Originally from Northumberland, via Dundee, Clare loves running, yoga, volunteering at her local soup kitchen and eating Turkish in Finsbury Park.



Tess Timothy, Fundraising, Communications & Events Officer

Tess joined the team in October 2014 after making a break from the corporate world and volunteering at our Pie in the Sky Community Cafe where she fell under the FoodCycle spell. She is in the Fundraising and Communications team, loves going to gigs and is also a lazy ramshackle-choir member!

Pip, FoodCycle Overlord

Pip is FoodCycle’s anti-waste superhero, working tirelessly to redirect perfectly edible surplus food away from landfill and into healthy meals for vulnerable groups. Half-human and half-apple, Pip’s origin and history remain mysteriously unknown… Who knows what lurks behind that apple-y smile!


Help us to make sure no good food is wasted. Donate your time, food or money. Thank you!