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Patrons & Ambassadors

Kelvin Cheung, Founder and Ambassador

The story of FoodCycle starts with Kelvin. Originally hailing from Canada, Kelvin founded FoodCycle in 2008, combining his love for food, cooking and community with a growing frustration with food waste. He’s now our patron and ambassador after stepping down as CEO in 2013 and has moved back to Hong Kong to run UnLtd HK and spend more time obsessively cycling silly distances.


FoodCycle patron Giorgio LocatelliGiorgio Locatelli 

Giorgio Locatelli is an Italian chef, author, and TV star who runs the Michelin-star restaurant Locanda Locatelli in London. Giorgio has been involved with FoodCycle since early 2012 after visiting one of our projects in North London and seeing what we do first-hand. He has also cooked some amazingly tasty food for us!

“Throwing food away is the worst way of wasting money which is something we really can’t afford unless we are blind to the food poverty that surrounds us here, in the UK and in our very neighbourhoods – not just in other countries. If I can do anything to promote awareness about the food wastage issue then I will do it as FoodCycle is a worthy cause.”





Kerry McCarthy MP

Kerry McCarthy has been the Member of Parliament for Bristol East since May 2005 and has campaigned prominently on UK food waste including her proposed Food Waste Bill this year. Kerry has been a supporter of FoodCycle since 2010 after finding out about our Bristol Hub in her constituency and is also one of only 3 vegan MPs!

“As a patron of FoodCycle, I am delighted to support a charity which works both to alleviate food poverty and eliminate food waste. It is also great that it does so in a way which encourages healthy eating and harnesses impressive levels of volunteer engagement. As a Bristol MP, I am really pleased that FoodCycle is active in the city, and that its work and the food served is enjoyed and supported by the local community.”


11/03/2011 baroness anne jenkin at the house of lords

Baroness Jenkin

Baroness Anne Jenkin is a member of the House of Lords, having been awarded a peerage in 2011 for her charitable and political work. Anne shares our commitment to fighting food waste and took part in the Live Below the Line campaign in 2012.

“I am passionately against waste of any kind, whether it be time, money, water, energy – but especially against food waste. It is ridiculous that so many of the earth’s finite resources are used to create food which then gets chucked away. FoodCycle is playing a major role in both using surplus food and educating people against waste. I am delighted to be supporting their work”.


Other supporters

Ken Hom, chef and author: “FoodCycle is the wave of the future as we look to cut food waste on every level and to help communities to help themselves. Turning surplus food into good meals is a very worthy effort by FoodCycle that we must all support!”

Jamie Oliver, celebrity chef and entrepreneur: “FoodCycle is doing something very special – helping communities where money is tight by using fresh food that would otherwise be thrown away to create beautiful, nutritious meals.

Valentine Warner, TV chef and food writer:I like working with FoodCycle because they make sense, they’re thoughtful & using food that we have no right to waste sends out a clear message while at the same time giving joy to people.” 

Cyrus Todiwala OBE, half of BBC’s Incredible Spice Men and restauranteur: “I wholeheartedly and totally support the work of FoodCycle. Being an Indian and understanding the plight of poverty and hunger, I agree with making use of perfectly edible food that would otherwise be wasted and turning it into fantastic meals for people in need.

Anna Hansen MBE of The Modern Pantry restaurant and cookbook : “I’m very conscious of the global scale of starvation & any initiative which tackles this problem can only be a good thing. I’m delighted to help raise awareness of the valuable work of FoodCycle.”

Bruce Poole, Head Chef and co-owner of Michelin-starred restaurants: “There can be no sensible objection to making food go further and I am therefore delighted to be supporting FoodCycle.”

Ben Tish, Executive Chef at the Salt Yard Group restaurants: “This is a great cause and charity. It got my attention straight away as its relevant to me and my industry, common sense and above all doing good”.

Willie Harcourt Cooze, chocolatier: “Having grown up on a small island off Southern Ireland, the no-waste attitude to food is in my blood. Little did I realise then, how important reducing food waste would become – I am delighted to be helping FoodCycle raise awareness of what is now a global issue.”


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