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‘A wonderful time to be joining FoodCycle’ by new CEO Mary McGrath

Mary McGrath

I first met Kelvin in January 2013 whilst I was at FareShare (the charity that re-distributes surplus food to 1000 charities in the UK), and have to say he is one of the most inspirational people that I have ever met. His drive, enthusiasm and belief has grown a simple idea to convert surplus food into healthy meals, into a network of 1000 volunteers across the country in 15 locations and has served up 70,000 meals in the past four years alone. He and the team started off having never done anything like this before! Wow!

Our two organisations (FoodCycle and FareShare) joined forces at the beginning of the year to encourage supermarkets to trial a simple process to give more of their waste to charities; this has helped our understanding of their operations and what is needed to make this a success for both charities and supermarkets alike.

As the project developed, and my understanding of FoodCycle grew, the more I wanted to join FoodCycle. I love the fact that so many people are committed to this movement and do such incredible things with food deemed as “waste.” So can you imagine how excited I was when I received the call stating I was going to be the CEO of FoodCycle? I’ve had a huge smile on my face ever since.

My twenty-year career in food surplus redistribution and fundraising has engendered a strong belief that no good food should be let go to landfill, anaerobic digestion or animal feed. To me this is fundamentally wrong; food should be respected and fed to people, especially given all the valuable resource used to get food to our tables and the number of people that go hungry every day.

It is a wonderful time to be joining FoodCycle. Over the past nine months the team has built strong relations with more organisations to provide their surplus food and has tested the best model for expansion. Our plan is to replicate across the UK – in these tough times we aim to feed more people in need with warmth, dignity and friendship.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for the tremendous and hopefully the continuing support you give to FoodCycle. Please continue with us on our journey.

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